Welcome to DeVine Lip Shimmers

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new product, DeVine Lip Shimmers™. New to the market in 2010, comes an all natural Lip Shimmer with added health benefits!

We have taken the timeless beauty and benefits of wine and unleashed them into DeVine Lip Shimmers™.

Fortified to be Simply DeVine
Made with 100% natural ingredients, including Red Wine Antioxidants, Resveratrol and Grapeseed Oil.

Beauty to make you feel DeVine
DeVine Lip Shimmers feature the finest quality natural ingredients available. A truly natural balm for beautiful and healthy lips. The soft tint, available in Rosé and Merlot blended with the luscious shimmer are sure to make you look and feel DeVine.

I remember the first time I actually read an ingredient list on a lip balm. I saw things like petrolatum, parabens, and so many chemicals that I had a hard time pronouncing them. I decided right there that an area of the body that is so bioavailable, such as the lips, should not be subject to such foreign substances.

I surrounded myself with the best people and together our team made it our goal to come up with a natural lip balm that we would feel good about putting on our or our loved ones lips. After countless hours of research we came up with a 100% natural and 100% better performing lip balm. DeVine lip shimmers had a start but where do we go now? We have been developers of dietary supplements and decided to take our knowledge of healthy ingredients and couple them with our lip balm.